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Road Trip!

This weekend Matt and I took a road trip to Central, SC and Atlanta, GA. We headed to Southern Wesleyan University Thursday so Matt could play with the Crossfire basketball team. 

Crossfire Ministries is an awesome organization that shares the Gospel of Jesus Christ through basketball. They travel all around the world playing basketball games and holding camps. At halftime they share a great message! This is Matt's second time to play with them and it is truly a blessing to be a part of. If you want to check out more about Crossfire Ministries click HERE!!

We started out our road trip like any other with non other than Chick-fil-a! You will learn we LOVE Chick-fil-a, some might say we are obsessed!

(Look at that face! Pure joy!)

We actually stayed on the Clemson University campus while we were in town for the Crossfire game. The campus is just beautiful and our weather was so nice!! I wish we could have stayed longer to enjoy it!

Friday morning we made our way back west towards Suwannee, GA, just outside of Atlanta. It was really nice to have all day to just hang out together. We went and saw Taken 2, which I highly recommend, and had dinner together. Matt was trying out for an NBA D-league team on saturday so it was nice to have a day of relaxing. 

The tryout went great! He played so well!! Matt made the top 20 and got a call to come back for the All-Star game on Sunday. I am so proud of him!! All in all it was a pretty awesome weekend!


  1. I have been praying for Matt and you to have answers soon! Does this mean you have some free time to visit us here in DFW again?

  2. All of this just makes me SO HAPPY!!! I love that y'all got to catch a slight glimpse of where I spent 4 years in Clemson! i love getting to not only talk to you on a daily basis, but to see your heart as you write how the Lord is working through you and Matt both as individuals, as well as a married couple. I love love love you!!

  3. It's great to see God's plan unfold for the two of you and we are still praying that God will place Matt somewhere he can not only showcase his talent, but his heart as well!