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The Proposal: June 8, 2012!

Matt and I were down in Destin, FL with his family for a nice long beach weekend. I was so excited to have a few days off of work and to spend a nice relaxing weekend at the beach!

We woke up early Friday morning to head to the beach and hang out. Unfortunately it was super cloudy and there was a chance of rain ALL WEEKEND!! So needless to say we didn't spend that much time at the beach. Matt's best friend from high school, John and his girlfriend Jenny were in Destin as well, so despite the weather, we had a blast spending time with them. 

We went back to the house to get ready for dinner. We were trying a new place we all had never been to before. Matt and I went a little ahead of his family to the restaurant. His mom told us it was in a really neat area so we could walk around while everyone was finishing getting ready. We drove out to the restaurant and it was inside this beautiful little bed & breakfast right on the beach. We got out of the car and went around to the back to go walk on the beach. My first hint that something was up was when we walked up to the gate to get through to the back of the building, Matt new the code to get through haha! I asked him, "How did you know that code," and he said, "Oh my mom got it when she made the reservation." Good recovery Matt! 

The weather was not the greatest. The wind was blowing so hard, the temperature dropped about 15 degrees and the sky was really dark! It looked like it could just pour at any moment. We started walking down the beach just chatting and looking at the sky (it looked really cool!). We were drawing in the sand writing our names and stuff, just being silly. 

I kept asking Matt, "Are your parents here yet? Can we walk back now, I'm really cold!" He just kept saying, "No, they will come get us or they will let us know when they are here." We turned around and started walking back towards the restaurant and we stopped when we got pretty close. Matt told me to close my eyes he wanted to draw me something. 

(Right before he got down on one knee!)

In my mind I started to freak out! I was thinking, "Oh my gosh! He is going to propose! I am going to open my eyes and he is going to be down on one knee!!" He told me to open my eyes and I looked and he was standing in front of me. I looked down and he had drawn a heart in the sand. So sweet!! In my mind I was a little bummed, I really thought he was going to be down on one knee. 

Then he told me to close my eyes again. This time when I opened my eyes he was still standing but he had written "forever" inside the heart. Awww!! At first I couldn't read what it said and I bent over to get a closer look, "What does that say?" And Matt said, "Can you not read it??" haha!
Then he said to me, "It says forever and thats what I want it to be is you and me forever." My silliness replied, "Well I know that!!" 

Honestly the rest of it is a total blur! He got down on one knee and I said, "Of course!" before he ever even officially asked me. I am sure he said a lot of beautiful things and I really wish I could remember them!! I was in total awe the whole time and all that was running through my mind was, "oh my gosh! oh my gosh! oh my gosh!"

After he asked me of course I said yes!! I gave him a huge hug and kiss and he said to me I have another surprise for you....turn around your parents and sister are here!! When I turned around my family and his family were all standing on the bank behind the restaurant waving at us!!! I was in total awe again!! I was so excited that my parents were here to celebrate with us! I couldn't have asked for anything more. The whole proposal and night was absolutely perfect! 

(The moment Matt told me my family was there!)

I could not believe that he had planned this whole trip and everything was just perfect! I was in such amazement the whole time!!

Matt had to stall a little bit while we were walking on the beach. He was waiting for everyone to get in position to watch. The reason it took a little longer than expected was John and Jenny's car broke down on the way to the restaurant!!! John didn't want to make anyone late so he told Jenny to get out of the car, they were going to have to run!! haha!! They were about 1 mile from the restaurant! No, they did not run, they called Matt's parents and they turned around and picked them up to bring them! 

I also found out that our reservation for the restaurant was actually cancelled a few hours earlier! We had reservations on the porch but because the weather was supposed to be bad they cancelled all of their outside reservations!! 

(I was in such awe!)

Fortunately, the rain held off just long enough for Matt to propose! It absolutely poured the rest of the weekend. Which actually turned out to be a blessing. We were able to get a lot of planning down for the wedding. Ya'll are probably thinking "these people are crazy they just got engaged and are already planning the wedding??" Well with Matt going to play professional basketball and the very large possibility we would be moving overseas in the middle of August, we wanted to be married before we moved. So we planned a wedding for 7 weeks from our engagement weekend! Ahhh!!! 

I will share more about our wedding and the short timeline for planning in another post. All in all I couldn't have asked for a better proposal or a better man to spend the rest of my life with! It was absolutely perfect!!!

(My family!)

(Matt's family!)

(My dad and I!)


Road Trip!

This weekend Matt and I took a road trip to Central, SC and Atlanta, GA. We headed to Southern Wesleyan University Thursday so Matt could play with the Crossfire basketball team. 

Crossfire Ministries is an awesome organization that shares the Gospel of Jesus Christ through basketball. They travel all around the world playing basketball games and holding camps. At halftime they share a great message! This is Matt's second time to play with them and it is truly a blessing to be a part of. If you want to check out more about Crossfire Ministries click HERE!!

We started out our road trip like any other with non other than Chick-fil-a! You will learn we LOVE Chick-fil-a, some might say we are obsessed!

(Look at that face! Pure joy!)

We actually stayed on the Clemson University campus while we were in town for the Crossfire game. The campus is just beautiful and our weather was so nice!! I wish we could have stayed longer to enjoy it!

Friday morning we made our way back west towards Suwannee, GA, just outside of Atlanta. It was really nice to have all day to just hang out together. We went and saw Taken 2, which I highly recommend, and had dinner together. Matt was trying out for an NBA D-league team on saturday so it was nice to have a day of relaxing. 

The tryout went great! He played so well!! Matt made the top 20 and got a call to come back for the All-Star game on Sunday. I am so proud of him!! All in all it was a pretty awesome weekend!


Hello Blog World!

I have contemplated for awhile starting a blog and have finally decided to do so! My best friend Mallorie, over at Happy Home, inspired me to start. I absolutely LOVE reading her blog!! We live far away from each other now but I feel like I still know whats going on in her life through her blog. 

I recently got married to the man of my dreams, Matt :), and I think this blog will be a great way to document our new life together! My cutie, (yes, that really is my pet name for him lol), is going to play professional basketball, so the first few months of our marriage have already been a roller coaster finding out where he will be playing. I know God has a great plan for us and I am so excited to see where this journey takes us. I know that I will really appreciate being able to look back and see what we experienced and how we felt. 

I will leave you with a few pics to get to know us! 
 Fall 2008 - First photo we ever took together :)

 Charlie!! (our little girl!)

 Rudy! (our little man!)

Spring 2012 - Big South Champs

Summer 2012 - Tim Hawkins

Thank you to Mallorie for designing this adorable blog!! I am so excited to start blogging and hope you enjoy!